Monday, April 2, 2012

A very busy weekend at the Farm!  There are two very happy lemurs!  Buddy and Remi lemur now each   have their very own nest box - up high in their areas where they can happily snooze, groom and look out at the world from a very safe place.  This will make both of them more secure and more comfortable.  There is a new nest box for Cheeko as well.
And now that Julien has moved in permanently with Lexy, his old area is being renovated.  Pierre's new nest box will soon be finished, and he will be able to move into Julien's vacated space.  Then we can work on moving Miss Sweet Pea over to her new area.
So many things are happening at the Farm right now!  With spring sort of here, there are many days when all the windows can be open and everyone can enjoy the warm sunshine.  Soon there will be dandelions and other flowers and tree branches and leaves for everyone.
And we are working out a calendar for fundraisers and volunteer work days - so keep checking back to see what is on the schedule...we are hoping to reach a lot of old friends this year as well as make many new ones.
And - by the way - Julien and Lexy are doing very well together.  It is great to see two macaques where there used to be one!  And both have calmed down considerably.  Julien will now even come and sit close to some of the volunteers, and allow himself to be scratched - with a long-handled something or a stick - but such a different attitude!!!!!

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