Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Chelsea and her new purple boot

Hi folks! Hope you are doing well - we have been very busy getting things ready for the big Open House and fundraiser on Saturday! It was such a great experience working along side volunteers Laura, Val, Cindy, Malcolm and of course Sherri and Leonard last weekend. There was such a buzz in the air, actually, it was Leonard's, actually good chi!

The precious Chelsea, one of "the ladies" - Chelsea and her mom, Nan was so intrigued by all the activities going on. It is heartwarming to see how far they have come along from last fall when they first arrived - afraid, unsure, not knowing who to trust, but understanding immediately that Sherri was there for them.

Chelsea loves rubber boots - she grooms the soles and makes a quick num,num,num,num vocalization - we know she is happy when she is hugging her boot and "talking". So, as a girl, I thought, instead of a plain old rubber boot, she should have a pretty, shiny one. Off I went on a mission to find cute wellies for Chelsea. I was happy when I came upon a pretty purple Dragon Tales pair, complete with pictures. On Saturday, Sherri put the right boot in her area and I excited sat with Chelsea, expecting her to go straight for it. Well, no, she did not. For most of the day, she totally ignored it and favoured the plain boot. When I returned on Sunday, the pretty purple boot lay there, untouched. A bit perplexed by this..remember..we humans can be dumb about these things...I thought maybe I should play with her and the new boots. So I went and got the pretty purple left boot, sat down and started to groom the boot and "talk" to her...num,num,num,num...she watched, but did not react. I had to continue my soon as I was out of sight, I heard this num,num,num,num and Malcolm said - "she has the boot ". Going back, low and behold, there she was happily talking, grooming and investigating the grooves and the various textures on the boot. I sat back down with her and we had such a time, exploring the boot and talking num,num,num,num,num...It was such a sweet moment.. these times I wonder how can some people not see the soul and beauty of our fellow beings and understand...and am thankful for having such fortune to see and hear them as they speak without 'words'..