Monday, April 23, 2012

The building continues...

Now that Julien and Lexy are happily sharing Lexy's area, work is underway to renovate and redecorate Julien's old area for Pierre to live in.  Once Pierre is shifted, then his old area will be made ready for Miss Sweet Pea.  And finally Pea's old space will become the new home of two new residents that are expected to arrive later this spring!

Lexy and Julien watching what is happening next door

Julien is curious
There is a lot going on - a lot of noise too - but everyone in the immediate area is keenly interested in checking out all the changes.  Lexy and Julien can often be seen hanging from the outside window looking in to the space that used to be Julien's.
Julien looking in the window

Pierre peeks in
And Pierre comes frequently to the outside of the new window that has been installed and has a look around the inside.  And of course, he can easily see from inside all the changes that are happening.  I am sure that Pierre is going to love this new window.  He will lose his view down the hall into the rest of the barn, but he will be able to check on all the movements around the house, the comings and goings of cars, the dogs...I think he will spend all his time at his new window on days when he is not out in the "yard".
What's going on in there??

Sunday, April 15, 2012

So, Nan said: "If Chelsea can do it, so can I!!!!"
She may be old and practically blind, but she can still handle a book.  But to be honest, it is really the treats stuck into the pages that she is after!

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Chelsea learned that Sherri visited a local school this week.  In school, kids learn to read... and so Chelsea would like to learn to read too.  At the moment she is really only interested in reading books that have treats hidden amongst the pages...but who knows what the future may hold for her!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Summer Planning

Some dates for you to keep in mind!  We are having some Volunteer Help Days - our regular volunteers plus others of you out there who would like to help the monkeys - are invited to work at the Farm.
The first date is Sunday May 27 - we are going to be cleaning up the hill, which has acquired all sorts of debris over the winter and needs to be thoroughly sorted and tidied.
Next - Saturday June 23 - fix-up day - painting, building, repairing of various fixtures at the Farm.
There are 3 Lumberjack Days planned - Sunday Sept. 16, Sunday October 28 and Sunday Nov. 18 - these are days of wood cutting, splitting and stacking so we will have plenty of wood ready for the furnace to keep the monkeys warm over the winter.
And finally we are looking forward to having 2 Open Houses this year - Sunday July 15 and Sunday August 26 - when we will open up the Farm to visitors (for a donation to be announced) to visit our Sanctuary and learn more about the work we do there!
Keep returning to this site or to our Facebook page for more details as the time goes on!
Thanks for all your support - past, present and future!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dr. Jane Goodall's birthday gift - A Pockets Warhol Original!

Izzy Hirji and Charmaine Quinn making a presentation to Dr. Jane Goodall

Dr. Jane Goodall receives a photo of Pockets, then sees the Pockets Warhol portrait and asks "What is this business of him in the yellow?", to which we responded "Why Jane, that's Pockets as Andy Warhol of course!"

Jane received Pockets' original artwork entitled "David Greybeard" and is overjoyed! She said she loved it, it was beautiful, and also that she loves capuchins and that they are so smart! Hopefully Pockets doesn't get too much of an ego!

Izzy Hirji, Charmaine Quinn, and Jane Goodall with the painting by Pockets entitled "David Greybeard"

Photos courtesy of Jo-Anne McArthur and JGI Canada

Our famous capuchin, Pockets Warhol, got his painting delivered (by his muse) to the lovely Dr. Jane Goodall, as a gift for her untiring work towards bettering our planet. The painting is entitled "David Greybeard" for the first chimpanzee that ever befriended Jane and allowed her to begin her life-changing studies. What an honour!

Thank you to the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada for allowing us to present this (Pockets really appreciates it, he worked hard!), and to Jo-Anne McArthur for her incredible photographs. We are so proud to have these phenomenal partners to help us make the world a better place!

To get your own Pockets Warhol original, 
please visit!

Jane Goodall Institute of Canada

Jo-Anne McArthur - We Animals

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Miss Sweet Pea, out in the sunshine, with her new friend.  She loves her soft, plush toys, and is really fond of bright colours!  Such a lovely baboon!

Monday, April 2, 2012

A very busy weekend at the Farm!  There are two very happy lemurs!  Buddy and Remi lemur now each   have their very own nest box - up high in their areas where they can happily snooze, groom and look out at the world from a very safe place.  This will make both of them more secure and more comfortable.  There is a new nest box for Cheeko as well.
And now that Julien has moved in permanently with Lexy, his old area is being renovated.  Pierre's new nest box will soon be finished, and he will be able to move into Julien's vacated space.  Then we can work on moving Miss Sweet Pea over to her new area.
So many things are happening at the Farm right now!  With spring sort of here, there are many days when all the windows can be open and everyone can enjoy the warm sunshine.  Soon there will be dandelions and other flowers and tree branches and leaves for everyone.
And we are working out a calendar for fundraisers and volunteer work days - so keep checking back to see what is on the schedule...we are hoping to reach a lot of old friends this year as well as make many new ones.
And - by the way - Julien and Lexy are doing very well together.  It is great to see two macaques where there used to be one!  And both have calmed down considerably.  Julien will now even come and sit close to some of the volunteers, and allow himself to be scratched - with a long-handled something or a stick - but such a different attitude!!!!!