Friday, April 6, 2012

Summer Planning

Some dates for you to keep in mind!  We are having some Volunteer Help Days - our regular volunteers plus others of you out there who would like to help the monkeys - are invited to work at the Farm.
The first date is Sunday May 27 - we are going to be cleaning up the hill, which has acquired all sorts of debris over the winter and needs to be thoroughly sorted and tidied.
Next - Saturday June 23 - fix-up day - painting, building, repairing of various fixtures at the Farm.
There are 3 Lumberjack Days planned - Sunday Sept. 16, Sunday October 28 and Sunday Nov. 18 - these are days of wood cutting, splitting and stacking so we will have plenty of wood ready for the furnace to keep the monkeys warm over the winter.
And finally we are looking forward to having 2 Open Houses this year - Sunday July 15 and Sunday August 26 - when we will open up the Farm to visitors (for a donation to be announced) to visit our Sanctuary and learn more about the work we do there!
Keep returning to this site or to our Facebook page for more details as the time goes on!
Thanks for all your support - past, present and future!

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