Tuesday, July 17, 2012


 This is by far the hardest entry I have written.
Many of you will know by now. We lost our beautiful Chelsea on Monday July 16, 2012.  She had spent the last 5 years with us and she was such a happy girl.  She had dozens of shoes and looked after them always.  She loved to play with her ball, smash her hula hoop around, ride her shoes on her back.  She reached out to her friends (the people who looked after her) and held hands - especially if something had upset her.  She loved to groom arms, legs, even heads and did it so very gently.  She enjoyed watching bubbles floating around and never said no to a treat.  She looked after old blind Nan who will now have to manage on her own.

We miss her and are still in shock over her loss.  Rest in peace, beautiful girl.  You will always be with us...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Buddy Lemur finally gets outside!

The second outdoor enclosure for the two "kitchen lemurs" was completed on Sunday.  We did a little switching of the boys, so now Remi lemur lives in the enclosure closer to the entrance door - all the coming and going was sometimes a little stressful for Buddy lemur who used to live there.  But now he lives in the inner enclosure.  And both boys can go outside.  Remi has been going out since the spring, but Sunday was Buddy's first time.  He was great - never one to be shy or hang back from a new challenge.  He met Mickey marmoset while she was outside, and he made some wonderful leaps from the doorway all the way over to the platform perch at the opposite side of the space.  What a long way he has come since his arrival at the Farm!!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Some recent shots of the family!!

                                                      Relaxing after dinner!
                                              Chelsea tackles a water bottle!  And wins!!!!
                                                Pockets is excited - as always!
                                             Jenkins enjoys some fresh leaves.
                                           Julien is fishing for grapes.
                                          Pierre works on his enrichment bottle - loves it!!!!!
                                            Mickey says Hi!!!!!
                                               Rosie looks for more treats!
                                           One of the boys poses for the camera!
                                                   Susie is enjoying the sun!
                                            Remi reaches out for a scratch!
                                              Beautiful Lily Goat!