Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Maggie goes to the vet too!

Susie was not alone in the back of the car on our visit to the vet - Maggie went too.
Maggie is one of 4 - or 5, depending on the day - of the Farm dogs. They are all special and well loved - and if there is something amiss, they are given everything they need.
In this case, Maggie had developed some growths on her tongue and in her mouth - and growths are always scary things. We needed to know how serious this all was...
Dr. Holmes took a look at her and told us not to worry - the growths were not a medical problem, certainly not anything that we needed to worry about - skin tags, only!!!! But he did remove them, and she got some special spa treatment at the same time - nails clipped, a good brushing- and a story to tell all the other dogs when she got home!

Susie goes to the vet!

Susie, our old and precious black spider monkey, has been suffering from an injury to her hip for a while. She already went to the vet (the wonderful Dr. Jim Holmes of Anderson Veterinary Clinic in Whitby)a couple of months ago, and he did surgery then - but the wound continued to be infected and weep and generally not heal. So we needed to make another trip.
Susie was great - got into the carrier, was really good in the car - and finally fell asleep so she could be checked by the vet. It turned out that there was a small splinter inside her wound - when and how it arrived are mysteries - it was not there on the xrays - could have been in the straw -but in any case, it was removed...
Susie now has some drainage tubes in her side, and she is stitched and glued, and she will be kept calm and quiet and separated from George, until the infection is gone. Then she can have the tubes and stitching removed and she can go home to her regular enclosure. We are all hoping that this will all happen soon...
She is a real trooper, our Susie, a resilient and tough old girl - and we will spoil her with attention and lots of good care....

A great day!!! We thank you!

Story Book Farm and all its residents want to send a huge thank you out to the people who attended the Open Day on Sunday August 14!!!! You were all great - the monkeys enjoyed meeting you - and your support is truly appreciated!!!!!
We hope that you will come again and that you will follow events as they happen at the Farm on this site or on our Facebook Page!

Monday, August 8, 2011

After a busy (and hot) four days of tearing down and rebuilding, Lexy's new outdoor area is ready for her inspection! There are still things to be done (like adding the door!!!!) but she has been locked inside for long enough and needs to be outside for a while. So - she is opened up - but she is very tentative ... taking her time to peer out the door, then stick head and shoulders out, and finally come to sit at the top of her ladder and take everything in. I am sure that after we left, she explored her new area. Once all the bits and pieces have been completed, we can try letting Julien out there with her! Things just keep moving along at SBF!!!!
Huge thanks to Reece Cowan for spending his vacation building Lexy's area - and to everyone who came out over the 4 days to help! It could not have happened without you!!!!! Lexy and Julien are grateful!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Julien's surgery

After a year in the planning, Julien finally had his neuter surgery yesterday. Thanks to Dr. Holmes and his staff, as well as Iga and Izzy from Toronto Zoo! A great success! The next step will be to rebuild a newer stronger enclosure so that Julien and Lexy will be able to share space!!!!
Julien all calm and sedated before being darted
Mr. Jules fast asleep, being put in a net for transport
A helping hand
The rare opportunity for Julien's caregivers to be able to be close and actually touch him
Leslie and Jenn even made some fabulous handprints!
All neutered and as if nothing even happened!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Buddy's new legs!
You have to check out this amazing goat! Two new front legs, and he is raring to go!!!!! Gotta love a goat like this!!!