Monday, August 8, 2011

After a busy (and hot) four days of tearing down and rebuilding, Lexy's new outdoor area is ready for her inspection! There are still things to be done (like adding the door!!!!) but she has been locked inside for long enough and needs to be outside for a while. So - she is opened up - but she is very tentative ... taking her time to peer out the door, then stick head and shoulders out, and finally come to sit at the top of her ladder and take everything in. I am sure that after we left, she explored her new area. Once all the bits and pieces have been completed, we can try letting Julien out there with her! Things just keep moving along at SBF!!!!
Huge thanks to Reece Cowan for spending his vacation building Lexy's area - and to everyone who came out over the 4 days to help! It could not have happened without you!!!!! Lexy and Julien are grateful!

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