Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Maggie goes to the vet too!

Susie was not alone in the back of the car on our visit to the vet - Maggie went too.
Maggie is one of 4 - or 5, depending on the day - of the Farm dogs. They are all special and well loved - and if there is something amiss, they are given everything they need.
In this case, Maggie had developed some growths on her tongue and in her mouth - and growths are always scary things. We needed to know how serious this all was...
Dr. Holmes took a look at her and told us not to worry - the growths were not a medical problem, certainly not anything that we needed to worry about - skin tags, only!!!! But he did remove them, and she got some special spa treatment at the same time - nails clipped, a good brushing- and a story to tell all the other dogs when she got home!

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