Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's September!!!!

A huge thank you to everyone who came out in support of the monkeys on any or all of the four Open Days this summer. Kristen - you are a star! Tina - thanks so much for the publicity! Each and every one of you who make the trek - THANK YOU - and we hope that we will see you all (and maybe some of your friends too) again soon!

Labour Day is over, so now we start prepping for the harsher season ahead!

But first - some news: Susie has had all her tubes and stitches removed and is back with George. The reintro went off without a hitch and both spider monkeys are happy to be together again!
Buddy Lemur is very quiet and uncomfortable with his broken jaw - but he is coming along and we are hoping that he will soon be more like his normal self - but maybe with a slightly more mellow attitude...
And Buddy Goat continues to use his new and improved legs. We strap them on and he motors across the kitchen - looking for food!!!!! He is just the most amazing goat! Many many thanks to Janice Olynich for her continuing care and support.
Lexy's outdoor enclosure is almost ready (thanks Reece!!!!!) Soon we hope to allow Julien access to Lexy's space so the two of them can have companionship. Julien seems to be calmer since his surgery (thanks Dr. Holmes and the TZ team!!!) We are all looking forward to this very exciting event!

And now - we need your help again! The furnace has already had to be on since the nights are colder now, and even some of the days are cool enough that windows and doors must remain closed. We need to prepare for winter by building a huge woodpile - and so we need to get out into the woodlot and bring down some of the dead trees that are out there, chop them up and pile the wood by the furnace ready for burning. There have been 4 Saturdays put aside to do this work - Oct. 8, Oct. 29, Nov. 19 and Dec. 10. The more hands we have to help the faster (and more fun) the work will be. Please get in touch at sbfpsanctuary@gmail.com if you can help!!!!! The monkeys thank you!!!!

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