Monday, April 23, 2012

The building continues...

Now that Julien and Lexy are happily sharing Lexy's area, work is underway to renovate and redecorate Julien's old area for Pierre to live in.  Once Pierre is shifted, then his old area will be made ready for Miss Sweet Pea.  And finally Pea's old space will become the new home of two new residents that are expected to arrive later this spring!

Lexy and Julien watching what is happening next door

Julien is curious
There is a lot going on - a lot of noise too - but everyone in the immediate area is keenly interested in checking out all the changes.  Lexy and Julien can often be seen hanging from the outside window looking in to the space that used to be Julien's.
Julien looking in the window

Pierre peeks in
And Pierre comes frequently to the outside of the new window that has been installed and has a look around the inside.  And of course, he can easily see from inside all the changes that are happening.  I am sure that Pierre is going to love this new window.  He will lose his view down the hall into the rest of the barn, but he will be able to check on all the movements around the house, the comings and goings of cars, the dogs...I think he will spend all his time at his new window on days when he is not out in the "yard".
What's going on in there??

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