Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dr. Jane Goodall's birthday gift - A Pockets Warhol Original!

Izzy Hirji and Charmaine Quinn making a presentation to Dr. Jane Goodall

Dr. Jane Goodall receives a photo of Pockets, then sees the Pockets Warhol portrait and asks "What is this business of him in the yellow?", to which we responded "Why Jane, that's Pockets as Andy Warhol of course!"

Jane received Pockets' original artwork entitled "David Greybeard" and is overjoyed! She said she loved it, it was beautiful, and also that she loves capuchins and that they are so smart! Hopefully Pockets doesn't get too much of an ego!

Izzy Hirji, Charmaine Quinn, and Jane Goodall with the painting by Pockets entitled "David Greybeard"

Photos courtesy of Jo-Anne McArthur and JGI Canada

Our famous capuchin, Pockets Warhol, got his painting delivered (by his muse) to the lovely Dr. Jane Goodall, as a gift for her untiring work towards bettering our planet. The painting is entitled "David Greybeard" for the first chimpanzee that ever befriended Jane and allowed her to begin her life-changing studies. What an honour!

Thank you to the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada for allowing us to present this (Pockets really appreciates it, he worked hard!), and to Jo-Anne McArthur for her incredible photographs. We are so proud to have these phenomenal partners to help us make the world a better place!

To get your own Pockets Warhol original, 
please visit!

Jane Goodall Institute of Canada

Jo-Anne McArthur - We Animals


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