Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wheeeew! I have finally managed to steal away a bit of time so that I can update everyone on the activity here at the sanctuary......Hello!

All the the animals are getting through the winter just fine but I suspect the monkeys would rather be outside. The humans though, are a little tired of the snow, this human in particular!

Sweat Pea was a lucky girl a couple of weeks ago when Rachelle and Kim arrived with several bright coloured faux fur ladies vests that they had found on sale. We gave Pea the choice on which coloured vest she wanted....She picked the dark green one. However, she had a second thought when we put the red one back in the bag for another time......she had decided she wanted that one too! She spent hours grooming her new vest and sleeps with it to this day. What a nice treat for Sweet Pea. Thank-you.

Mickey has settled in beautifully! She is such a sweet little girl and I have to say what a pleasure it is to be with a well rounded happy primate. She had a good life before coming to the sanctuary and it shows! She came here to be with Pablo and Amigo. They are all very content now. Life for them is good.

We have a new Foster Friends program in the works. Its very exciting! Friends of the monkeys can become a Foster Friend to one of the monkeys living at the sanctuary. Becoming a Foster Friend intitles you to certain privledges, a Foster Friend certificate and information on the foster friend you are helping. We hope this new program not only helps the monkeys but helps people learn about the monkeys and the plight they face.

Meet our special friend.
Caitlin is our first Foster Friend. HELLO CAITLIN...and THANK-YOU! Caitlin was so amazed by the Lemurs, Razzle, Kye and Kizmit. Caitlin became a Foster Friend to Razzle after learning her story. We were thrilled. Several weeks went by after Caitlin became Razzle's friend and I recieved another call from Dave, he told me that Caitlin wanted something special for her birthday....she wanted to help the rest of the family, Kye and Kizmit. Caitlin became a Foster Friend to them too! Thanks for thinking of them Caitlin, you're very special. We appreciate your help and............................. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

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