Monday, February 9, 2009

Canadian Tire Money Drive - Now at $193.00!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope that you got out and enjoyed the spring-like weather. It has been a tough winter, especially on the farm - loads of snow and ice.

We are at 38% of our goal of $500.00 in Canadian Tire Money! It is amazing how those little bits and bobs have added up....We thank each person who has contributed to the drive including- Robert, Diane, Heidi, Christine and friends, Paul, Mark, Erika and staff, and Barbara. So, can you help us for the push of $307.00? We are thrilled that many teachers and students have taken this appeal to their schools and classrooms. Please email me at for an electronic copy of the flyer.

We wanted to thank some very extraordinary young people who have shown their commitment and compassion for our residents: Cam, Amber, Sam and Antonia. Whether coming up weekly (and sometimes a few times a week) or speaking out on behalf of the animals, these young people are making a huge difference in the lives of the monkeys. As volunteers, they help with the chores in the barn, preparing dinners, enrichment, and are always thinking about ways to help. I had the pleasure of working with Sam and Antonia (and Mom - Anne) yesterday, and am touched by their gentleness and caring - the shine in Antonia's eyes as she watched Koo-Koo sitting proudly on Coco Puff's eggs (Yes, Koo-Koo's new companion is a little girl (not a male, as Sherri was told) - surprise - so now we have two happy, laughing doves - Koo-Koo and Coco Puff and two tiny eggs. Sam thoughtfully sat at the kitchen table designing a "condo" for George and Suzie...

Recently, Cam and Amber, the son and daughter of Leslie, (an awesome volunteer) took the opportunity through speeches in their classes to raise awareness about Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary and about the issue of Animal Cruelty. Over the next posts, we will share their speeches with you and ask that you read them and carefully consider the thoughts and care contained in them. Thank you Amber and Cam!

Many young people have come to the farm, and it is touching and inspirational to see young ones take hold and allow kindness and compassion to shine in them and to share that with others. Thank you are the future and you keep us veterans fighting because we believe that tomorrow will be a better day because we see a glimpse of it in your hearts today...

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