Monday, January 19, 2009

Canadian Tire Money Drive - Can you help us raise $500?

Happy Monday! We hope you survived the snow storm this weekend.

Exciting news - we are launching a Canadian Tire Money Drive - with the goal of raising $500.00 by March 1st! Every day we work to ensure a loving, safe and honouring environment - which requires regular maintenance to the barn. There is always a need of tools and supplies.

Can you help?

With the Christmas season just passed, you may have Canadian Tire Money from the gifts purchased. Not a handy man? Do not know what to do with those colourful bills? We ask that you donate them to the sanctuary - all those little amounts of $.05; $.10 will add up! So please share this drive appeal with your friends, family, fellow students at school, co-workers, church members, neighbours and teachers.

This would be a great project for your school, scout groups, and social groups - We will keep you informed of the progress!

Canadian Tire Money Donations can be made by post to:
Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary
2315 Concession 10, RR#3
Sunderland, Ontario, Canada
L0C 1H0
Attn: Canadian Tire Money Drive

If you are in the city, I would be happy to coordinate a collection point.

On behalf of Jenkins, Razzle, Kye, Kizmet, Rosie, Komoto, Amigo, Pablo, Sweet Pea, Yoshi, Lexy, Julian, Pierre, Smokey, Bandit and Keanu, and all the other "little people" we thank you so much!


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