Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring is coming....

Happy Monday! The weather is finally turning to spring (we hope!)- the residents on the farm are happy and outside - Julien is enjoying his new outside area, complete with ladders and enrichment. He and Lexy are watching and communicating with each other. Pierre is looking resplendent - he is such a handsome boy!

A recent visitor to the farm, Marna Gale, is the driving force behind - Big on Beagles - a rescue organization dedicated to providing homes for beagles in need. She also writes a regular column for the Beach Metro. She wanted to feature Story Book Farm in a column, so up she came for a visit....was excitedly welcomed by the canine welcoming committee: Maggie, Sammy, Lady, Charlie and Bosley....(they so sussed out straight away she was one of them....a true dog whisperer)....and we spent a great afternoon with her. If you are in the Beaches neighbourhood...please check out the Beach Metro, March 10, 2009 to read about her visit. Marna, thanks so much for the great write-up. We are happy to have you on the farm anytime!

So many great things are happening and coming up - including Dr. Jane Goodall's 75th birthday - on April 3rd. As part of the celebration, the Jane Goodall Institute is putting together an email card, with a goal of 7500 personal wishes and messages. Please click here to share your personal birthday message with Jane: .

For me personally, Dr. Jane has had such a tremendous impact on my life, inspiring to reach out, to help, to make a difference, to hope, to care, to honour and to respect....I still remember when I was a little girl and saw the black and white footage on t.v. of her, out in the forest, living with the chimps - reaching out and touching David touched something deep, deep down. In 2007 when I was in Cameroon, volunteering in the forest with the orphaned chimpanzees at CWAF, all of those moments and images kept flooding into my heart and head - how we need to reach out - and help change what we see in the world and how we see it. As Jane states: We need to make a difference, one life at a time...humans, and non-humans...something that we strive to do daily.

with appreciation,


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