Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hello to all!
March has arrived and is off to a busy start. Our Canadian Tire money drive has surpassed the goal of $500.00........WOW. Thanks to every one who sent in. It's greatly appreciated. A couple of honorable mentions though....

Courtney themed her birthday around our primate friends and asked for things to benefit their lives instead of presents for herself. Thanks Courtney!!!!!!!! That was very unselfish and we really appreciate you helping the monkeys.

On Friday, Rachelle, Stacey and I got the opportunity to speak with a couple of classes from Antonia's school. What an intelligent group of students! We were honored to learn that Antonia had worked very hard with her teacher, Ms. Lowes and the other teachers and students of the school. They raised $232.05 in Canadian Tire money !!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!

We have had spring weather here this week and the monkeys have been able to be outside. YEAH!!!!!When Anne arrived today she immediately noticed how happy everyone was....Yes it was noticable. They were all happy and content. What a great day!

We are starting to plan the spring/summer projects around here with our biggest plans of an addition onto the barn of a kitchen/office/ laundry/team member break time area/ slash, slash, slash....oh did I mention office......slash...slash...slash.

For those of you who have never been here, we currently have a prep area of two stainless steel tables and a large walkin fridge that hogs most of the room. We desperately need a larger space in which to work. So we have started to collect building material for the build. We need 2x4's, plywood, insulation, vapour barrier and probably things I cant think of. If anyone can help we would greatly appreciate it.

Ann W. has come on board as a volunteer and new team member. Ann...welcome!

To all you supporters....thanks....I need ya. I couldn't walk this journey without you!

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