Friday, December 9, 2011

What an amazing week!

Happy Friday all!  Hope you had a good week.

At the sanctuary, it has been a whirlwind!  Pockets Warhol, our creative little capuchin, his muse Charmaine Quinn, along with Erica Jacques, Sherri, and the generous Al Ridley of Sadie's Diner have been featured on news throughout the world, including India, Ghana, Taiwan, UK, US and of course, right here at home.  Thanks to the efforts Jeannine Rosenberg, our media volunteer, Pocket's art extravaganza was picked up "on the wires".  The level of interest and support has been overwhelming.  With coverage by The Toronto Star, CTV National News, CanadaAM, Citytv, CFRB, Global, CBC and even CNN! - many people have learned about Pockets and the important work of the sanctuary.

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Painting is something that Pockets really enjoys.  It provides enrichment, and mental stimulation for him.  He relishes in the attention of Charmaine and is happy when he was created something!  At the sanctuary we look for activities and enrichment for all of the primate residents.  For instance, Sweet Pea loves faux fur, so we ensure she always has something soft to groom. Lexy enjoys her dollies, so we pay special attention that she has one.  Chelsea, as you have read here before, is absolutely besotted by rubber boots.  She now has quite a collection.  Last Sunday, when Ann was cleaning her area, Ann would pick up each boot and offer it to Chelsea, so she could choose whether she wanted to keep it with her or not.  We could then clean the discarded ones for that day.  Little Cheeko, Pocket's neighbour also gets special attention as we make sure he has mirrored toys to play with.  As you can see, everyday our devoted volunteers work with the residents to do their best to have a healthy and happy day.

We thank you all again, and ask you, with deep respect, to please keep voting EVERY DAY in the Aviva Community Fund Challenge.  At the time of writing we are in 15th place, which is very worrisome.  We need to be in the Top 10 and there are only 6 days left.  We so want to provide a safe and "story book" ending to 19 other primates on a wait list to come to us.  It is hard to cope with knowing that others are in horrific circumstances and are living with the threat of death over them if they cannot be retired to Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary. We are holding our breath with our hearts are in our throats - won't you please vote to save lives and help holiday dreams come true?

Thank you for all your support and interest!

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