Friday, November 25, 2011

Aviva Community Fund - We Need Your Help - Only 4 Days Left to Vote!

Action Alert!  There are only four days left to vote in the Aviva Community Fund.  Please, please vote daily to ensure we are in the Top 5.  Earlier in the week, "Monkeys in our Midst" was in 4th place, but as of this afternoon, we've slipped to 9th.  Only those projects in the Top 10 will be considered for funding.  The competition is tight.

Every week we get calls to help individuals in dire need.  For example, recently: a lab contacted SBFPS looking to retire monkeys; officials called in Sherri to assist with baboons and macaques currently in tiny, confined "cages" in various owners' homes; the roadside zoo "season" is over,  and operators have been looking to "dispose" of "surplus animals" or others are at risk of being locked in dark barns without any windows or sunlight.  We've even become aware of monkeys that are being trafficked for the bushmeat trade right here in Ontario.  The need is great for monkeys who are in terrible situations through no fault of their own.  Please, won't you join your voices and vote to help them?

Please click on the link to vote daily for the next four days.  Thank you so much!

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