Monday, June 6, 2011

Chelsea and Nan get a new bedroom!!!!

It finally happened yesterday!

At the beginning of the process, Chelsea and Nan were lured into the lovely sunshine so Leonard and Malcolm and various other helping hands could clean out and replace the bottom on the old box. As time went on, the girls came back in - Leonard and Malcolm were needed to help work with Buddy who is having a support made for his front legs.

Once the girls came in, they would not go out again - they watched all the proceedings from one of their perches.

And the new box went up, with terraced walkways to the old box, rope handles to help old Nan get from A to B, new stairways - all sorts of wonderful things that I am sure they spent (and will spend) lots of time exploring! Steph added some lovely trees, and everything looks great for them!

As for Buddy - he was a patient and good goat, had his sock put on and waited until the cast dried and was removed. Hopefully when the process is entirely complete, he will be more mobile!

Another good day at the farm!!!!

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