Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sweet Pea and Her New Bear

Good evening all! Spring has been very rainy, but in spite of this, the farm welcomed eager volunteers to help build larger outdoor areas for Cheeko the capuchin and Sweet Pea amongst others. Thanks so much Jen and Leslie for arranging the build day!

In addition to Sweet Pea's new outdoor area, she received a special girl from Diane - a new volunteer. Diane brought - a HUGE white bear for Pea. She was so happy - dragging it up to her perch, laying across it, grooming it and putting her arms around it, even though it was so big she could not get them completely round. The talented Ann Walsh was on hand to take these photos. Thanks Diane for making Miss Pea happy!

1 comment:

Harry said...

Looks like dear Sweet Pea is in sweet heaven... Luvin her new bear :)
Have fun Sweet Pea