Tuesday, June 8, 2010

That precious moment in time...

Happy Tuesday everyone! The weather has been lovely, and life is good. On Saturday, Izzy, Ingrid and I were up at the farm. Sherri joined us later in the afternoon, as she was working. All the volunteers comment how being there, enjoying special moments with the animals, amongst great company and in the beautiful setting is such a balm to the soul. We are so lucky (always in a bittersweet way) to have the privilege to know and care for all the creatures at Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary, including Chili the llama, Amigo, Mickey and Pablo, the lemur family and boys, the sweet, sweet Chelsea, George, Susie and everyone.

Each moment is so special, because in their world, that is "the moment", the intensity, the pure joy, the alarm, the upset (Chelsea screaming because Ingrid said "No" to Jenkins) and the humour (Pockets is hilarious). It is so raw and in the moment - with no facade. For me, it is like a magic spell, that second in time, the touch, the vocalization, the breath...staying, not breathing, trying to hold it, remembering every second, sensation and movement... and capture it in the heart and mind.

For instance, having Chelsea throw down her boot - well now it is a baby running shoe - throwing it to where she is planning to sit beside you. ..you become so thrilled with the anticipation, that she is taking the time, reaching out, and preparing for that grooming session. She then climbs down the ladder and comes over to the door. Her little hands grab the shoe. She sits down, gets comfortable, and looks into your eyes, checking and searching.. then the "num-nums" sounds begin, the language of happiness...and that beautiful little hand comes out to reach out to you, to touch, to groom, to share....and you just sit there, mesmerized by the power of this love, trust and vulnerability. She searches your hand for spots to groom....it just holds me spellbound. These are the moments of life that can never be taken away, not matter what. Like feeling Billy's breathe on my back, the quiet grooming sounds, the contentment, and for a few seconds joy and the transportation of souls joined together ... in a better world of a language without barriers, of equality, of tenderness and knowing all of us are one.

We need to care, feel and just be, to the depth of our souls. We can all make the choice to live this way...

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