Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lexy's New Space

Happy Tuesday! We are happy to share news of the reno's to Lexy's enclosure. On a beautiful Sunday evening, she walked into a new space...literally and figuratively. Jenn, Sherri, Leonard, Paxton, Anne and Shelley built amazing structural enrichment, interesting nooks and crannies, planted trees, made a waterfall, and put their hearts into making a happy place for Lexy. We are so thankful to Dwight for his generosity in providing high quality, macaque-proof coloured plastic wood.

Inside Lexy was such a good girl, even though her access to the outside was blocked. She could hear the banging of construction, and commotion. At times she did pace excitedly, but was good company for me while I was in the kitchen getting supper ready. At one point she even made that little macaque "oooh" sound, asking for a bit of banana.

Outside the gang was working feverishly to get things ready - apparently Rome can be built in a day! Sherri so lovingly put the final touches in - treats in strategic places, nectarine pieces in the pool, toys and enrichment items.

Now, as you may know, Lexy is attached to her dolly - she loves the kind that has a cloth body and vinyl head, arms and legs. She can be so demonstrative in her love, that the dolly mostly is worse for the wear. At this point, only the dolly's head remains. So, the dolly head was placed in the small pine tree for her.

With bated breathe, the door was opened for Lexy....Jenn held her breath, as we all did... how would she react to the new house? After all this girl has been through, she deserves so much - this year she lost her best friend Yoshi, and we have seen changes in her - she is quieter and a bit more anxious. With tears in our eyes, we watched our brave, strong Lexy, coming out - albeit cautiously, looking all around - and the first thing she went to get was her dolly head. So calmly, she took the head and went to one side of the enclosure, sitting up high and checking things out. As you can see in the photos (courtesy of Anne), she was so calm, relaxed, and showed no signs of stress or anxiety....she loved the pool and sat on the edge, with dolly in hand, dipping its head in the water.

There was a contented, peaceful silence... (expect for Leonard calling out to Sammy to get out of the duck pond!) .. as we witnessed Lexy, exploring her new improved world - full of colour, love and hope.....

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