Monday, December 8, 2008

Freddy is a muscovy..

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend! At the farm there was lots of activity this week, as we welcomed a new friend for Koo-Koo the dove and Mickey, a beautiful pencil marmoset. The boys, Pablo and Amigo were so curious all morning with the preparations and nuzzled her straight away to reassure her and say Hello. Mickey is a well-loved little girl, who needed to be with her kind, so she came to the farm to her new family.

Freddy is growing into a handsome Muscovy duck. His crest is now becoming prominent, as is the red colouring around his eyes and beak. It is quite sweet, as Duck (the goose) laid an egg this week, which she sometimes does. This kicked in Freddy's paternal instincts, so Sherri said he was watching the nest closely and became "big man on campus". He is very protective towards Duck and stays by her side. When we brought them in for the night, they rubbed necks and touched their beaks together. Very touching - showing once again how we can learn so much from our fellow creatures in the art of getting along and being peaceful!

The holidays are just around the corner. These times are very concerning for all of us, escpecially sanctuaries who rely on the kindness and generousity of supporters. We ask that you think of the primates and beings at Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary when completing your gifts and shopping. Canadian Tire money is helpful, as are donations, either cash or in-kind, or helping us spread the word. If you are not sure if you have something we can use, please feel free to check out the website, or email Sherri directly at: Donations can be made through the website or by mail to:

Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary
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Sunderland, Ontario, Canada
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Thank you so much and have a great week!



Anonymous said...

Oops Freddy is Freddette. A female blue muscovy duck. Under a year old as the caruncles (red featherless area around base of beak) havent filled out yet. Will surround eye soon. She looks healthy.

Anonymous said...

Oh there are more photos...well...could be a male. Definitely a blue, maybe with the dusky gene given how dark blue it seems.