Monday, July 28, 2008

Sweet Pea moment

Hi everyone! I know you're out there! We had a great Volunteer Day on Saturday but I'll let someone else talk about that-Rachelle or Laura or Sherri please!

I want to relay an amazing story I was privileged to witness. Sweet Pea is an Olive Baboon with some behavioural issues mostly involving self-mutilation when she gets upset. These days she is doing this less and less, as she gets into the groove of the farm. Since the kitten has arrived there is some interaction for her. We have been finding the kitten sitting in Pea's area. There was some concern about her welfare, but she seemed fine. Over the past few weeks she has visited a lot. On Sunday, Violet was sitting in with Pea and Pea was soliciting grooming and trying to play with Violet. Suddenly she moved behind the kitten and made a dominating gesture and then picked up the kitten as any baboon would pick up a baby baboon to play. I see this all the time at the zoo where I work with Olive Baboons. Pea walked on her back legs with the kitten in her hands! It was so cute! Violet was so mellow she just hung there. Pea put her down and starting grooming her. Violet pricked up her tail and was rubbing against Pea. They are such good friends. This is such a positive breakthrough for Pea in her rehabilitation. Let's hope that they can have many more positive sessions! Yay for Violet and Pea! Too bad I don't have any photos of this, maybe another time. 

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